Frequently Asked Questions

About Features

Does the Orientation Video review company Policies and Procedures required by both State and Federal Accreditation Agencies?
YES. We follow ACHC, CHAP & JAHCO training requirements. If an agency creates additional policies, review those separately.
Is staff allowed to move through the training without completing a module?
No. Each module must be completed with a 70% score or better.
Are their additional fees?
No. You just have to buy one of our membership plan.
Am I able to see staff who have signed on and completed the training?
Can I receive a hard copy of the quiz questions and answers?
Does the training come with downloadable completion certificates?
After I make a purchase, can I use the platform immediately?
Yes. An email will follow with instructions.
Is someone available to assist if I have trouble with the system?

About Videos

Are the training videos helpful to non-medical home care agencies?
YES. The Federal government is now looking closer at non-medical agencies whether they bill Medicare or Medicaid. Although Medicaid is a Federal program it is managed by individual States, however, the two work closely together. Your State may have “additional” regulations you need follow but for the most part the two support each other and following Federal guidelines is advisable.
Can additional videos be created for my company?
Can I share the videos?
No. Please read our release information. The training videos have strict rules against this.