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“An inch of movement will bring you closer to your goals than a mile of intention.”

– Steve Maraboli

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What my customers say about me

Robbyn is a true professional. She has created courses that helped me overcome my fear of walking into a new account. Her course on overcoming objections really put everything in perspective for me and I now understand how to respond to a client who isn’t quite sure if they are ready to take the next step and use my healthcare services.

Ernest Flagg, RNOwner/Nursing and Behavioral Health Services

Robbyn is an amazing skilled home health care expert. If you are seeking to develop a home health care business that is not only compliant but profitable, STAT is your company and Robbyn is your preferred partner!

Dina Shepherd

These courses were exactly what I was looking for. I have taken, Seven Steps To Boost Healthcare Referrals and How To Overcome Objections and I have learned so much. The courses are so simple to follow and Robbyn made it entertaining as I worked my way through each section.

Beth StagerThe Electronic Caregiver Company

Using techniques I learned from taking Robbyn’s courses has increased my healthcare referrals 100%. I am now comfortable walking into any account because I understand the sales process and what to say at each stage of the sales cycle. Thank you Robbyn!

Tim GentleHome Care Owner

Thank you Robbyn!! These podcast are very informative.

Tennille Williams

It’s pretty clear Robbyn is a pro. The steps she’s outlined are spoken like an experienced sales pro. Listen and watch this. #homecare

David Kraljic

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        New Courses Available!

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